The Austrian artist Lukas M. Hüller has specialized in staged photography. For the integration house he asked Austria’s music scene to take a gigapixel group picture in the Anzengruber Café, which is very popular among artists.

Big names in the scene such as Harri Stojka and Conchita are among the 60 musicians who took part in the cross-generational project “The Staged Band” – according to Lukas M. Hüller, it stands “as a symbol for Integration and against hatred ”. A time-consuming shoot as well as hundreds of hours of post-production turned the photograph that looked like a painting into a masterpiece resembling a snapshot.

The artist is fascinated by the possibilities of “having a lot of space and playing with time” – the perfect breeding ground for a wonderful collaboration between NORMALZEIT and Lukas M. Hüller.

Link to Lukas M. Hüller’s website here.

© photos: Lukas M. Hüller